Treasure Shop, Wakefield, NH opening for the summer - June 21, 2017

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    Multiple dates from Wednesday, June 21st to Saturday, September 9th

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    Treasure Shop in Wakefield --Open for the Summer
    The Treasure Shop will be open this summer on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
    beginning on June 21 at the Old Town Hall, 2695 Wakefield Road in Wakefield, NH. It is located in the
    historic village of Wakefield Corner which is also home to the Wakefield Library, and the Wakefield Inn,
    and the First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ.
    The Old Town Hall was built in 1837 and was used as the town hall until 1895 when the current town
    hall was built. The now vacant Old Town Hall was leased to the Ladies Social Circle (now the Parish
    Helpers) of the First Congregational Church and it has been leased to them ever since. For many years it
    was used as a meeting place for the women's group and for dinners, fairs, and events for the church and
    the town. When the church burned down as a result of a lightning strike in 1956, it was used for church
    services while the church was rebuilt.
    In 1963, the Parish Helpers began having a Treasure Sale at the Old Town Hall on Wednesday
    afternoons. Thus, the Treasure Shop came into existence. It has changed somewhat over the past 50+
    years. They no longer sell clothing, and they don't sell larger items, but they have just about everything
    else. You can find fine china and toys. Small appliances and yarn! There's a large selection of used
    books, and there are curtains, jewelry, hardware and more! Something for everyone!
    The Treasure Shop is the primary fundraiser for the Parish Helpers. From its beginning in 1857, the
    Parish Helpers has contributed primarily to the operation of the First Congregational Church which it
    calls home. Over the course of the last 160 years, the Parish Helpers has expanded its philanthropies
    and now donates to many other local and global charities as well.
    Stop by this summer and see what treasures await you at the Treasure Shop! For more information
    about the First Congregational Church or the Parish Helpers, visit

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    First Congregational Church Wakefield
    2718 Wakefield Road
    Wakefield, NH

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