At WASR, we believe that community matters. As an independently owned and operated radio station, we are committed to the well-being of the community in which we live and work.

    Our Mission is to help cultivate our local community by bringing together the diverse individuals and organizations that make New Hampshire so vibrant. 

    Our Mission drives our approach to programming:
    We provide information, entertainment, and inspiration aimed at connecting our community members through inclusive programming that offers:

    • Balanced perspectives and accurate information on local issues.
    • Engaging musical playlists from a wide range of genres.
    • Unique voices and stories of the people living and working in New Hampshire. 
    • Opportunities to give back to our community.

    Our Mission drives our approach to Community Relationships:
    We believe in serving those that serve us, and so we are committed to supporting our veterans, our local charitable organizations, and our elder community through our programming, events, and online resources.

    We believe that when our community learns, so do we, and so we are committed to developing educational experiences for area students.

    We believe that when our community flourishes, so do we, and so we are committed to helping independently owned businesses succeed through our community-focused approach to advertising.

    We believe that when our community has fun, so do we, and so we are committed to covering the cultural and entertainment events that enrich our community throughout the year.

    You can help drive our Mission:
    Listen to us. Visit us online. Let us know what you think of what you hear… and what else you’d like to hear. Tell us your ideas for ways WASR can help our community.

    In Depth NH News

    • What Do Hillary, Concord Redevelopment, and Tourism Have in Common?

      Several years ago, my research colleagues and I estimated that the typical leisure traveler in New Hampshire spends an estimated ninety dollars per day. Even if we allow for seventy-five percent attrition, this means that the Hillary Clinton book signing event will have contributed a healthy five figures in local spending.

    • Lobbying Registration Database Reporting Recipe

      ProPublica - Our new lobbying database will help you cover Congress and the organizations that may try to influence lawmakers. We hope this new database will be helpful to a wide variety of people, from informed citizens and civic activists to journalists.

    • Ho, Ho, Ho, But Watch Out For Letchy Santa

      Santa Claus number one  is Exhausted Santa. He’s got kids climbing all over him, he’s ready to keel over, ready to climb under the covers until July. He’s done.  Exhausted.

    • Opinion: The Hoobub and the Grinch: Northern Pass Edition

      In the original, Dr. Seuss’s Hoobub is enjoying the sun. A grinch approaches, and asks the Hoobub what he’ll pay for the string, given that the string is worth so much more than the sun. This Northern Pass edition differs slightly