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It seems that our “Commander in Chief” is out of touch with America!  The vast majority of US citizens are very concerned with homeland security related to terrorism, illegal immigration and refugees. Without transparency… President Obama opened the gates and placed Syrian refugees in many states without telling us.  Thankfully, the US Congress stepped in to tighten the screening process of refugees, with a bipartisan veto-proof vote.

Frequently, the President is not acting with due diligence to protect America, despite the will of the people.  His apathetic actions against ISIS has allowed them to not just survive, but to thrive...while he tells us they are neutralized.  WRONG!   America is at war against Islamic terrorists and we need American might to defeat them now!

At the same time President Obama has managed to grow the National Debt through roof, disrupt our health care system, increase racial tensions, polarize the political parties, fail to turn the economy around…and the list goes on and on.  Obama is amazingly narcissistic.  His speeches are frequently “I want this” or “I did that”, making matters of America about HIM.  Two of his most frequently used lines these days are “That’s not how Americans are” or “Those are not the values of Americans”.  He uses his bully pulpit to influence those who follow his every word as truth.

In reality, Obama is disconnected from the average American in many ways.  More people stand strong for the right to keep and bear arms than stand against it.  Yet, he keeps pushing to diminish our SECOND AMENDMENT rights… even in the face of increasing threats of random terrorism to the homeland.  An armed citizenry is a safer population.  And for those of you who did not know… gun violence numbers are way down from a decade or two ago…despite more guns being owned nationally.  Yes, we’ve had some tragic public shootings, and large numbers of black-on-black homicides continue in Obama’s home city of Chicago, despite the strict gun regulations there.  But those are examples of criminals, not obeying the law...the very reason that law-abiding Americans need the right to protect their families & homes.

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In our area, and for most states in America, daylight savings time ends at 2 a.m. on Sunday, November 1st.  

A few quick facts regarding DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME:  

Ben Franklin is considered to be the first person to suggest daylight savings, thinking that it would allow for a better use of daylight.  In 1918 a federal law standardized the yearly start and end of daylight savings time for the states that choose to observe it.  The dates and times of daylight savings have varied over the years.  

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 mandated an extension of it by one month starting in 2007.  

While not embraced by all, surveys show that most people enjoy having an extra hour of light in the evening for eight months of the year.  

Time will" SPRING FORWARD" to Daylight Savings Time again on Sunday, March 13th, 2016.

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Stay up-to-date on the GREAT COLORS of autumn with WASR's FALL FOLIAGE REPORTS.  Taking a stroll into the woods.. walk a back road, go hiking down an old path, or take your bike down one of the great recreational trails to immerse yourself in color.  No matter which  option you choose, the crisp, fresh autumn air and the brilliant color will invigorate your senses!  

For state FOLIAGE REPORTS listen to WASR or visit  This year our website features a direct link to the NH STATE FOLIAGE CALENDAR and also to the OFFICIAL NH FOLIAGE REPORTS.   

UPDATE:  OCTOBER 27th... It has been a remarkably vivid season this fall in the Lakes Region, but the leaves are now starting to lose their luster and the trees are starting to lose their leaves. That said, there is still plenty of foliage but it is now a bit subdued with yellows and greens dominating the color scheme -- though there are still some standout examples of oranges and a (few less) reds. The best foliage in the state is now in the seacoast region. Scenic Routes: Most any road in the Lakes Region will still provide a scenic sight right now. Try driving around any of the region’s sparkling waters for nice views. For foliage reports in other areas of NH click on the NH FOLIAGE REPORT link on the website (above).

The featured photo was taken by local photographer Matt Fassett.  CLICK on it twice to see an enlarged photo on your screen. Matt has an incredible collection of NH SCENIC PHOTOGRAPHY for sale.  You can call him at 393-7336 or see some of his work by clicking this Fassett Photography link.  


PHOTO TIPS FOR FOLIAGE:  If you're looking to capture the colors of the season, here are some good photo tips.....

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WASR's popular COMMUNITY CALENDAR is the area's most comprehensive listing of local events.  It's our way of serving the community, providing a way to find out what is going on today...

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WASR is pleased to bring to the airwaves the music that made the Boston-area station WMEX, a legend in its day.  When you listen to our weekend broadcasts you'll hear only the best of those golden decades.  Let the music bring back fond memories of days gone by.  

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